Performance Virtual Summit January 18 -19 - 20
3pm CET | 9am EST
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Performance by Launchmetrics

Get inspired at the only industry event on brand performance

A virtual summit by Launchmetrics to discuss the future of brand performance for the fashion, luxury and beauty industries.

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A meeting point for the industries' key decision makers

No one could have predicted the rapid changes that have put the fashion, luxury and beauty industries in a tailspin over the last 2 years. Whilst digital acceleration was on the agenda of conversations in brand boardrooms and internal company evolution, it is now at the forefront. What’s more, is that the brand itself has become perhaps the most valuable asset that a company can cultivate, as consumers look for affinity in values, activism and messaging when deciding where to direct their spending. It’s time to analyze exactly what the future of the industry looks like, and how brands can make smarter and faster decisions to improve their overall brand performance.

An interactive experience to connect with industry peers

Performance by Launchmetrics is a unique opportunity for absolutely anyone to connect with and learn from industry leaders, and join in an inspiring global experience from their own houses, offices and co-working spaces. Through 3 days of online content, attendees will get the chance to join exclusive communities tailored for the summit, as well as the ability to connect and network with peers in the same space. You will be able to pose your burning questions to our talented speakers, and participate in the live sessions as they run, contributing your thoughts by weighing in on hot topics and conversations. And on top of all this, just by signing up you'll get access to exclusive masterclasses from industry experts.

Speakers from last year

Gary Pinagot


Authenticity is super key, sharing your core values, telling your story, I think telling your story is not only about the product itself but also about the people behind the project.

Nicolaj Reffstrup


We as brands need to pay for [more innovative fabrics] and accept that we will have a lower margin for a while until we have managed to scale up production.

Anya Hindmarch


Everyone I speak to really wants to [make sustainability a priority] ... buying fewer things, beautiful things, that they’re proud of wearing a lot.

Tatiana Dupond


When people leave LinkedIn they feel kind of accomplished and purposeful because they’ve read all kinds of stories about what’s possible, and so for a brand to be able to catch someone when they’re in that mindset … I think that definitely will impact brand performance and sales.

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